Thursday, June 01, 2006

One World (Cup)

Best ad campaign that I have seen...maybe ever. It probably has something to do with it conflating my interests in soccer, U2, and Scotland. But, other than that, it has a broader appeal if you can emote at all as a human being.

I couldn't find the Scottish 'Tartan Army' footage to embed, but if you're so inclined you can go check it and the rest of the spots out here. The Ivory Coast piece below that I could find is voiced over by Bono. As incredible as it may be that the nation's squad tipped the first domino in a path towards truce, this commercial had to have seemed sappy and forced on the drawing board. But, the piece suffers from none of that.

In another one of the spots, The Edge talks about the 300% global rise in sick days during the World Cup. Though both the tournament and my summer gig start up next week, I'm not banking on any spill over. Even if "not one doctor's note is required."


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