Tuesday, July 25, 2006

No Thanks, Just Visiting.

This post probably deserves a little more than just the barebones I'm about to give it. But, for the first time since Mom was diagnosed, I finally have direction again. Between taking time off or transferring or staying put, the future seemed all too ethereal. But, for now, there's some clarity.

For the coming academic year, I'll be taking classes at Yale Law (kind enough to admit me as a Visiting Scholar) while still earning credit for my degree at Stanford (kind enough to receive credits from a school fundamentally disabled at teaching legal analysis, according to one Prof. Robert Weisberg).

I'm happy that I'll be close to home. New Haven is less than two hours away by ferry - which is cheaper and easier than Palo Alto's seven hours by air and then car. Though I'll miss some of the people and places from last year over the next, this decision was pretty much a no brainer. It's important to me that I see Mom and my family as much as possible throughout this ordeal. Especially on days like today when CAT-scans return with the results of another ten weeks of chemotherapy.

So, aside from figuring out where I'm living, what classes I'm taking, or where this leaves me as far as Fall interviews, I'm all set...


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