Thursday, August 10, 2006

Summer Here Often?

I interviewed yesterday for a summer job for next summer.

This would have seemed so strange only a year or two ago. It still kind of does. I haven't even finished my summer job for this summer. But, such is the game of the law firm.

I really enjoyed the process. It was entirely painless. The people I met were interesting and seemed genuinely nice. Over the course of four back-to-back sessions with different partners and associates, I think law was discussed for a sum total of ten minutes. If this is common, I certainly wasn't expecting it. Having opted straight away to grab the government job I was offered, I didn't go through the ringer last Fall. With more time spent discussing Zagat's Food Guide, Las Vegas hotels, methods of commuting, and gameshows, it felt more like a first date.

I know "they" say first dates are interviews. But, this interview actually felt like a first date.


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