Saturday, June 30, 2007

Week 4 Wrap Up

Celebrity sightings: None.

Lunches/Dinners out on the firm:
1) Toastie's East (3rd Ave, btw 55th and 56th)
2) Solo (550 Madison Ave)
3) Darbar (46th St, btw Madison and Park)
4) Eleven Madison Park (guess)
5) Cafe Basil (3rd Ave, btw 48th and 49th)

Village Restaurant of the Week: Babbo, 110 Waverly Place

Village Bar of the Week: I Tre Merli, 183 W. 10th St.

Work related revelations: 1) When a concerned woman from legal recruiting calls to ask about the hours you've been putting in, it might be time to reclaim my weekends. 2) Making decent money is great, but seeing clients bank master-of-the-universe type money is unnerving.

Days left from work before 6:30: 1 (again, very sadly this doesn't include today's Saturday stretch in the office...)

Depressing statistic of the week: Mom hasn't been able to leave the room for over a week.

"That costs how much?" moment: $1500. Dinner for 6 at Eleven Madison.

Quote of the week: "Your call on the wine. But, keep it under $200 if you can." Just your average, run of the mill dinner conversation last night.

Aside: Now celebrating two (where did they go?) years of an amazing relationship with a beautiful girl. Between family and work, she's the only reason I'm able to keep a level head these days. She is a superstar.


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