Monday, July 30, 2007

Week 8 Wrap Up

Celebrity sightings:
1) Former Gov. Cuomo (having lunch a few tables over at Le Cirque).
2) Jack Bauer, Counter-Terrorism Unit (pacing back and forth on Greenwich Ave on his cellphone. I don't think he was talking to Chloe because he wasn't speaking in an extremely loud whisper).

Lunches/Dinners on the firm:
1) Le Cirque (Bloomberg building).

Village Restaurant of the Week: Ono, 13th St & Hudson. It was a scene filled with too many people one stop away from making it rain, but the place had very respectable grilled meats and sushi.

Bar of the Week (to avoid): Sutton Place, 52nd & 2nd. I don't know how I keep ending up here. Maybe it's because I work a couple blocks away or maybe it's because I'm originally from Long Island. As a bridge-and-tunnel survivor, I pray that you believe me when I say that not ALL of us worship at the altar of greasy hair, unbuttoned (sized too small) shirts, and performance enhancing drugs.

Work related revelations:
1) August 17th is starting to seem a bit too far away as a departure date. The stock of August 10th is beginning to (just slightly) rise.
2) I was asked to work yesterday and it didn't even phase me. Bad sign?

Statistic of the week: Excluding drinking, I ate six times on Saturday: a breakfast, a lunch, a snack, a second snack, a dinner, and a third snack, you know, for good measure.

"That costs how much?" moment: $1200 (amount that one of my departing roommates convinced a college-aged banking intern to pay up for a two week sublet).

Quote of the week:
"Jon, you can come for a feel too if you want."
- Shuli's pregnant sister, to me at a moment when her Dad, Mom, husband and dog were all fighting for stomach space.

Aside: I put on a yamacha (sp?) for the first time in years (or whenever, I guess, the last time was I'd been to a Bar Mitzvah). Shuli's family does put on a mean singing-blessing-bread-breaking Friday night dinner.


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