Friday, April 18, 2008

Tilting At Windmills?

Dear Broker Guy,

My girlfriend and I are looking for a 1 bedroom (or convertible 2) in an elevator, pet friendly building. We're happy to consider doorman and non-doorman buildings alike, but we would prefer that you don't waste our time with anything sketchy and easily accessed. We will not pay more than $X,000 per month and we want at least X00 square feet. We want to live in or near Gramercy Park. Not "Gramercy." We don't want to live East of 3rd Ave, North of 23rd, West of Madison/Broadway, or South of 16th.

If you've anything available, we can be in the city next Friday and Saturday to look.

Thanks for your help.


At 4:35 PM, Blogger Ashley said...

Hey you,

I have a friend who's selling his 1-bedroom. It's minorly outside of your geographic requirements (24th and 2nd) but is a fabulous building, pet friendly, the apartment is on the 11th Floor. I am seeing him tonight - if you're at all interested in buying, I can find out what he's asking if you want to avoid brokerage fees..? Give me a call and let me know.

Hope all's well!!! alf

At 12:04 PM, Blogger NYC Guy said...

Thanks Ash. We're interested in renting though; seeing a bunch of places this weekend in Gramercy. Will let you know if we come up wtih something...


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